Wireless + Wired Computer Networking

Computer Networking On The Central Coast


  • Set up modem & router
  • Connect to Internet
  • Test download speed
  • Test wireless signal
  • Configure and secure passwords & encryption
  • Connect computers and laptops (up to four)
  • Connect printers to network
  • Set up file sharing
  • Install media player/game console
  • Repair & troubleshoot any issues


We Fix Networks

Home Networking is easy when you do it with Redback Bytes because we know our way around the web!

Networking is as simple as connecting two or more devices together, so that they can communicate with each other and share files and resources.

Redback Connect will bring it all together with no fuss.

All networking jobs done with ease.

  • Set up a home network
  • Connect a new device
  • Secure a network, hide it from neighbors and hackers
  • Share a file, folder, hard drive, dvd drive or printer
  • Make a network wireless
  • Have a network designed

Would you like to; Share a folder or a printer? Use your laptop in bed or on the veranda without the cables? Watch movies or stream media from one computer to another?

Give us a call or email your details now, and we’ll get you on the road to a wireless world!

Getting the Internet in your home is easy!

We’ll give you independent, unbiased advice on the best plan to suit your needs, plus get your computer connected for one low flat fee.

We will not only make sure you get the best deal from your Internet provider, we will also get you the best prices on all the hardware you need to get your home network running.

This deal will pay for itself with the money you will save.

Email us now so we can help connect you with the web, in no time!