Improve Computer Speed

Computer Speed Optimisation & Clean Up

  • Free up valuable hard drive space

  • Remove unwanted & unused programs

  • Clean up desktop Icons

  • Update/install Antivirus software (good free options available)

  • Clean up disk, remove cookies and temporary junk files

  • Test hard drives fitness

  • Test and verify PC hardware and software functionality

  • Defragment if necessary

  • Run optimization software. Starts faster, performs better.

  • Back up your data to disk

More About Speed

Remember when you first brought your new PC home and it was fast and impressive?

Bring your computer back to life. Redback Bytes can get your computer running fast, (sometimes even faster) than when you first brought it home and unpacked it!

We know how to get your machine optimised through a comprehensive service regimes we have developed and constantly update and tweak.

We have methods of identifying and solving any “bottlenecks” that slow your computer and Internet down. For instance,  it could be an external problem with your (ISP) Internet provider. In which case, we will talk to them directly on your behalf.

Does your PC take longer than usual to :

  • Start up
  • Power off
  • Open or close a program
  • Toggle between programs
  • Connect to the network
  • Delete or transfer a file
  • Do a virus scan/windows update
  • Surf the web

Why is it so slow anyway?
Your computer could be slow for a variety of reasons. They may include; a problem due to fragmentation, a full hard drive, malware, or something along those lines.

This isn’t always the case, but often times, a slow computer can be repaired and brought back to it’s optimal speed.

Computers rarely come from the factory with optimised settings as a default, and is left to the user to configure. They are often packed with “free” software program which are called “trialware” that the store or hardware manufacturer is paid to put on as a sales technique.

We’ll make it our business to help you with such aspects so that you get the optimal results that benefit you, rather than someone else!