Data Recovery


We can recover data such as photos, music, emails, assignments, word documents, excel, and more. Central Coast mobile service available to recover your important data on your computer. If you need data recovery, stop what you are doing. If the data is on the computer, or device you are using right now, shut the computer down and unplug it. This will give us the best chance of preserving your important data.


What you do now is critical to the data recovery & hard drive recovery process and you may only have one chance to salvage your precious data.

Email us today for estimate on data recovery mail@redbackbytes

Basic Data Recovery 

  • We come to your home or office
  • Assess the situation & advise of all data recovery options
  • Gather & recover lost data  from a damaged device
  • Restore data new device

Advanced Data Hard Disk Recovery 

  • We come to your home or office
  • Assess the situation & advise of all data recovery options
  • Gather & recover deleted or overwritten data (even if the hard drive has been formatted)
  • Transfer to 2 (two) safe mediums
  • Restore the data to original drive

This process can take 24 hours depending on amount of data to be recovered.


Data Recovery On The Central Coast

We are data recovery specialists and have many happy and relieved customers who are testament to our ability. We will do an assessment of your recovery needs and will recommend the best solution for you. We have partnerships with forensic data recovery experts if we feel the job requires an extra level of support.

Do you want a “backup solution”?
We will anaylse your back up requirements and taylor a solution to meet your needs. If you don’t have a back up of critical data that is on the machine you are using right now, we advise you to power down your machine and call Redback Bytes today!

So, what is a backup anyway?

A backup is a copy of your data, whether it be a photo or word document, or email. We recommend having three copies of any piece of data which you deem important. Two copies can be kept onsite and one copy off site.

Think about how valuable your data is to you. Computers are machines and machines fail and stop working. The computer can be replaced but the data (i.e  your photos, assignments, resume and music) is often hard to replace and at times, even impossible.

This is why backing up your data is critical. And it’s surprisingly easy to do. We can set it up once and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

So call us now to perform a Redback Rewind, or to help you conserve your precious digital data so that you can breathe easy!