Remote Support

IT Support on The Central Coast – Remote Computer Repair

Anywhere on Earth

Remote computer support at an affordable price. Anywhere you have access to a phone line or Internet connection, you can have access to a qualified Redback Bytes IT computer technician. This is great for our customers to be able to keep the same technician no matter where on the planet they are. We solve computer problems and repair computers on a daily basis so are able to quickly find solutions to common computer issues provide fast friendly IT support.

There are numerous  computer repair issues that can be solved via remote support with very little customer input and new customers are often surprised to learn how much can be accomplished with this service. Remote computer repair eliminates the transport costs and time associated with  mobile computer repair services. These decreased overhead savings are passed directly to you, our customer which brings us one step closer to our mission “To provide quality computer repair services at a realistic price for all Australians”.

There are 3 avenues for remote support.

IT Phone Support

Pick up the phone and call today for a no charge, obligation free quote/estimate. If you have access to a phone line you can call your local IT computer technician and explain you computer or laptop problem. We will then determine how we believe the problem will  be best repaired. If it is something we can talk you through over the phone we will start a remote session with you at which time we will take your payment details and start the clock. After we have talked you through the issue we will agree on the time and process the payment with your approval. All costs are explained in full before the time is commenced so there s no nasty surprises at the end. You remain in control at all times.

Remote Repair Your Computer

Sometimes it is too difficult to describe whats happening on your screen. If you are still able to connect the computer you are having issues with to the Internet we can help you via remote control. After assessing the computer repair problem we will advise you the best method for repairing your PC and explain all costs up front. We will then start a secure session that will allow us to remote into your computer and take control of your mouse right in front of your eyes.

The best part is that you can see everything we do in real time and as soon as you decide to end the session we have no way of reconnecting to your PC without your permission. A new password is created every time you start a new session making this method a computer help invaluable for one time fixes. The customer stays in complete control at all times and doesn’t have to put blind faith into any one IT support technician or computer repair company

Email Computer Support

Email any question or matter you have to now. If your computer problem is not urgent or you just needed to be pointed in the right direction send an email  and we will respond to you within 18 hours. Again we will determine the level of computer support required and give you all your options. In many cases we will create a video tutorial specifically for you which is a  great way for you to easily and inexpensively solve your computer problems. This solution is aimed at the slightly more advanced user or customers who have the time or want to learn how to do it themselves.