Computer Training

Computer training in your home or office.

At Redback Bytes we do not just  fix & repair your computer, we show you how to use it.

We strive to assist you get a better grasp your computers, and allow you to discover how easy it can be to master your personal computer. We will sit down with you and talk in plain, non-technical terms, assisting you until you feel competent in whichever technological domain you want to master.

Computers can be great powerful tools, but they can also be daunting confusing and frustrating. If you would like to instantly improve your ability to operate a computer, pick up the phone now and see how affordable  and easy computer training in your home or office can be.

Speak directly to  your local technician today Mobile: 045 119 4321

We can help you in every area;  from turning the device on to safely installing a new program, from surfing the web to finding a bargain online.Even the more advanced users may need a hand from time to time.  We will research and put together a tutorial targeted to meet your needs.

Call us now for a Redback Education, catered to your specific computer needs, in your home or office.